New Single – “Type Quickly” by Big Fan

big fan

Having gone back to some very old releases in my first post of the year, it seems more appropriate to cover something brand new with this one, the debut single by a highly promising band. “Type Quickly” opens with a wistful acoustic guitar figure, before moving onto a lyric depicting the end of a relationship that seems to have had the potential to be more than it was. It’s the yearning in the joint female/male vocals that give the song its peculiar lift, soaring over pounding drums and a downbeat, descending riff which resolves from time to time into a bridge that feels reminiscent of The Lemonheads’ gentler material. Over the course of three minutes, the song manages to build tension within its fairly basic structure; the bridge acts as a reassuring break between the drama of the verses, as it gradually moves towards an urgent, discomforting climax.

In some ways, this seems to have been released a few months late, as the overriding feeling is an autumnal one, but in truth you could listen to this in any month of the year and it would still sound like a classic. I can find out very little about this band as, other than this, the only other things they’ve put out are a few demos on their Bandcamp page. But judging by “Type Quickly” and what little else I’ve heard from them, Big Fan are going to be well worth watching out for over the coming months and years. You might even say that I’m a (ahem) big fan of theirs.




“Type Quickly” by Big Fan is released on the split EP with Head Spell on the 25th of January and is available to buy as a single now.



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